Project 52: Week 6 – Ten steps from the front door

I switched my project this week when I realized I was going to be on the road again, and couldn’t devote proper time to exploring camera and lens movement.  This week’s project was quick – photograph things within 10 steps from the front door.

So I’ll admit I phoned this one in – I didn’t have a lot of time, and went for the easy stuff, instead of pushing my creativity.  I carved out an hour, faced the wind, loaded a breakfast  tray with my macro gear and lensbaby and tried to make lemonade. (I do have to thank Peter for pushing me this week – I was thinking about “taking it off” when I realized my original plans were foiled.  He told me I couldn’t let myself or my “fans” down – at which I chuckled.  Translation:  Fan= Peter).

I was fortunate in that we replanted our front yard in the fall, so the annuals were plentiful (although fading a bit with the recent heat).  I’ve often heard that photography helps you “see” – and I can’t believe that I haven’t really seen all the beautiful colors, shapes, and patterns that were right outside my front door.  I mean I always smile when I pull into the garage, but I never really got on the ground and looked a pansy close up – or bent over and looked at the inside of a Cosmo flower.

So here they are – my take from this week’s project.  Not technically as well done as I would have liked, or processed as creatively as I would of liked, but an hour spent with my camera which was what was important.

Injury index:  5 weeks injured:1 week uninjured.  I did manage to injure myself by slamming my hand between the ground and my extended tripod leg (very hard to do – yet somehow I managed).

Next week’s project:  Camera and lens movement


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