Project 52: Week 4 – Portraits without Faces

Communing with nature

Next week, I’m going to have to go back to photographing things….I have a new found admiration for people who photograph other people – especially children and boisterous  parties.

So I inflicted another week of project work on my friends (who were great sports by the way).  I learned that so many cues about a person come from their face – you take that away, and then you need to supplement with other cues.  I found myself relying on the surrounding environment.

There are only so many shots you can get of the backs of peoples’ heads and in silhouette – my creativity was challenged this week.  Definitely a project I will need to pick up again when I have large blocks of time with people who don’t mind me pestering them.

Week 5 Project:  Geometric Shapes in Shades of Gray

Injury Index:  While I did get injured this week (photographing in Joshua Tree) – none of my injuries were directly related to this project.

Current tally is:  1 week injury free – 3 injury.

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