Photographing Cuyahoga National Park, OH

Fall is a great time to visit Ohio and Cuyahoga National Park. Cuyahoga is centered around the Cuyahoga River (which runs South to North into Lake Erie) and the Ohio and Erie Canal Tow path which used the river and canal system to move goods through Ohio to Lake Erie during the 1800s. Cuyahoga is definitely an urban park that you can dart in and out of and stay in local hotels and dine out easily every night. Here are some highlights and what you might see.

Cleveland and Northern Ohio is not just home to Cuyahoga, but also the “Emerald Necklace” which is a series of public parks and open space around Cleveland. Though the fall color was below average and the waterfalls were not running very fast because of a drought, we still found plenty of beautiful and convenient locations to shoot.

The Hale Farm in Bath, Ohio was a fun location. We had two mornings here and had fun with the October decorations.

Though there are no “large or expansive” views in this park, it does have a lot of variety. Another favorite location was Beaver Marsh where we had two excellent sun rises.

The waterfalls in Viaduct Park were a great subject.

Though Bridal Veil Falls had hardly any water, there was certainly a lot to shoot and “intimate landscapes” in the details of the falls.

This park certainly blends natural beauty with man made elements like bridges, railroad track, and foot paths. We also went on several hikes that were fun though we did not think the photography was very good. To strecth your legs visit the Ledges and Sylvan Pond.

While in Cleveland, don’t forget to go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It was very informative and highly entertaining.

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