There’s a Photo in Here, Somewhere: Sunrift Gorge, Glacier National Park

I have seen some pretty photos of Sunrift Gorge, especially when the water is flowing pretty high. When we were there last September, the water was pretty low and there was a massive log jam at the end of the gorge. We were there mid morning and tried to find something pretty to shoot. Here’s how we did it.

Without talking to each other, Mary and I both noticed the same thing. Deep into the gorge was a small waterfall and some nice golden light and reflection. Both of us zoomed in, Mary to about 200 mm and me to about 100 mm.

While the focus of her photo was the river before the falls and afterward, I wanted to include the yellow flowers in the foreground. I love the glow she captured in the water and in the rocks. Mine is certainly darker, focused more on the foreground than the back ground. Both work.

Glacier National Park is huge, yet is difficult to get to and has limited lodging. With the Going to the Sun road as the main artery through the park it can feel very crowded. It also has very limited parking and a new reservation system just to get into the park. The season opens late May and unusually ends in mid-late September. Go as soon as you can as the glaciers are disappearing fast.

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