Photographing the Tuzigoot Ruins and Montezuma’s Castle in Northern Arizonia

Montezuma’s Castle

One of the best kept secrets about Arizona, for those that don’t live here, is the great wines of Northern Arizona. The Verde Valley wines of Jerome, Clarksdale and Cottonwood are only 30 minutes from Sedona and 90 minutes from Flagstaff. We went to taste wine, but also to see two well preserved pueblos – Tuzigoot and Montezuma’s Castle. Here is what you might see.

Tuzigoot National Monument

Tuzigoot is right outside Cottonwood and easy to see with a short drive on your way to and from Clarkdale and Jerome. We arrived on a bight sunny day so we shot exclusively in infrared and converted our images to monochrome. There was not a lot of tonal variation and we did not have good side lighting or shadows, so we’ll try again in the future. We spent about 30 minutes here.

On our way home to Tucson we stopped off at Montezuma’s Castle which is a spectacular cliff dwelling. I think we were expecting a boring one shot wonder, but came away with some images we liked and found the grounds and information about the local area very well done. We spent about 60 minutes here. We highly recommend visiting both of these sites (and tasting a little Arizona wine).

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