Mary’s “favorite” photos of 2019

It is that time of year again when Peter nudges, nags, and pesters that its time to post my favorite images. But really how do you decide? Its like deciding which kid is your favorite. My process is predictable, I start at the beginning of the year not liking very many photos, and by the time I get to the end of the year I have 30. It makes me wonder what is it about January and February that is such a creative Siberia for me?

2019 was a year of discomfort and playing with new ideas and techniques. Each month I try to make a portrait of us so I keep working with lighting, posing, etc. It was getting stale. So this year I did an “Inspired by a famous couple” series. It wasn’t imitate a famous couple, but rather be inspired by them. I was challenged in terms of creating a concept, technical execution, and post-processing work. I dipped my toe into compositing and quickly became overwhelmed. I can imagine it will be years before I get to some basic level of proficiency.

I worked more with my 12mm lens and tried to see “wide”, and I went back to my favorite subjects: intimate landscapes, abstracts and flowers. So here they are 15 out of a 1000 “favorites” in no particular order.

Mary’s Top 15 Photos of 2019

Water in Badwater Basin
Sunset at Badwater Basin
Bodie Ghost Town, CA
Silver City Ghost Town, Bodfish CA
Wildflowers Crested Butte Colorado
Sunrise with moon over Slumguillion Pass, Colorado
South Park City, Colorado
Fireworks, Cambria California
Infrared image of Coquille River Lighthouse, Bandon OR
Sunrise over the Columbia River Gorge
Abstract at the Hood River Marina
Lensbaby Lilacs
Wildflowers at sunset in Joshua Tree National Park
October Inspired By Portrait
September Inspired By Portrait


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