Revisiting an Old Friend at Catalina State Park, Tucson, AZ

“Mr. Akimbo” January of 2011

One of the joys of photography is going to the same beautiful place multiple times over many years and in different seasons and weather.  I was reminded of this when we were in Tucson in December and visited my favorite saguaro.  Here is what we saw.

Every time we go to Tucson, we visit the Catalina State Park in Oro Valley.  And every time we are in the park, I have to climb a small hill to photograph this magnificent saguaro, I have named Mr Akimbo.

Mary and I have seen a lot of Saguaro the last few years.  I have seen some with more arms; more twisted arms; more fingers; but, I have not seen one with the combination that this one has.  To me, it is the most beautiful saguaro I have ever seen.  Yes, I am in love with Mr. Akimbo.

Here he is in December of 2017.

1712_PSA_Tucson _IR_130

Wow, look at all of the changes.  Here is both photos side-by-side.

Its not exactly the same angle, but the changes are obvious over the last eight years.  His arms have all grown longer and I love the fingers on his right arm are so pronounced now.  I fear that arm will break off some day as those fingers grow.

Also notice the small cactus under his right arm seems to have grown about 3-4 feet in the last eight years.

It reminds me that the “the mills of the gods grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine.”

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