Mary’s Favorite Photos From 2017

1710_MFA_Eastern Sierra IR_426

Well, that time of year has come again.  It’s the time when Peter insists on engaging in some sadomasochistic form of torture by insisting I cull through 1000+ photographs and pick my favorites.  Its akin to asking someone to pick their favorite child.  At least this year he gave me 15, instead of the usual 10.

As I was looking through the year, I was struck by the variety of experiences I had.  From the superbloom of the desert southwest, to the southwest icon Las Vegas, to iconic old England, to the ancient glacier-carved landscapes of New Zealand.  I noticed I remain consistently attracted to intimate landscapes and abstracts, natural and urban, while continuing to try to push myself to “see wide”.

So here they are, in no particular order (if I had to rank order them I would quit trying to engage in this nonsensical exercise – I only do this much to preserve martial harmony).

Old Oak Tree at Spottswoode Winery
1711_MFA_New Zealand_0195-Edit
Sunset and Lupine at Lake Tekapo
1711_MFA_New Zealand IR_521-Edit
Hooker Valley Lake with Reflections
1711_MFA_New Zealand IR_319
Private Disagreements (Reflection in Queenstown Garden Pond)
1710_MFA_Las Vegas_537
Waiting for a Night Out (Model:  Athen Andrade)
1710_MFA_Las Vegas_230-Edit
Las Vegas Style Martini
1710_MFA_Eastern Sierra_096
Fall Color in the Eastern Sierras
1710_MFA_Eastern Sierra IR_426
Mud and Ice (what you photograph when sunrise fizzles)
Sequoia Abstract
Just Another Day in Oxford England
1704_MFA_SoCal Wildflowers_522-Edit
Superbloom at Carrizo Plain
1703_MFA_Big Sur_060-Edit
Calla Lilies At Big Sur
1702_MFA_San Francisco_330
An Icon Reinterpreted
1702_MFA_San Francisco_237
Just trying to make it
1701_MFA_Joshua Tree IR_050-Edit
Joshua Tree and Sun

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