Photography Project: Creative Zoo Processing

Photography renewed my love for the zoo.  I used to think it was a kid’s thing that parents had to begrudgingly do as part of the qualification of being a good parent.  Now I find myself jockeying with the kids for prime viewing spots (I do try to find a mutually agreeable arrangement, however sometimes it can be challenging when they are scrambling around my legs and monopod).  Our recent trip to the San Diego Zoo was a complete bust for me (as you can see from my “before” shots).  We had great overcast skies, but I couldn’t seem to find the zone.  So I thought I would turn my creativity to the processing side of the equation.  So here is my take on “zoo life”.I thought I would go vintage in my processing approach, so I used 2 different plug-ins.  Alien Skin’s Exposure 2 and Google/Nik Analog Pro 2 (using FlyPaper presets).  If you are going for pure vintage, you can’t beat Alien Skin.  They’ve heavily invested in replicating vintage film types and looks.  Unfortunately Google is no longer going to support the Nik suite, however you can still Google Nik Collection it for free.


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