Photography Project: Portraits with a dominant color

Dreamy portrait in blue

After much frustration photographing our kids and family, Peter and I have started to venture into portrait photography.  We’ve found that it helps us see the light differently when making our landscape images.  This week, I asked a couple of friends if they would help me with my project.  Creating two portraits showcasing one color, blue, but with two different feelings.In both portraits, I am accentuating the color blue, by stripping out the color in the skin and focusing on just the face or upper body.  The light set- up was exactly the same for both images, shadowless light, using a sideways clam shell technique with two large octaboxes.  You can see the catch-lights from the softboxes.  Next time, I will work harder to make them more even.

For the soft dreamy image I processed it using Nik CEP4 with Glamour Glow and Pastel presets.  For the more graphic image, I used a Photoshop technique to create porcelain looking skin.  I feel there is more to do with the styling in each image, more light blue tulle to cover the whole body, and perhaps blue lipstick and large eyelashes for the graphic image.  I think this was a good start in experimenting with getting two very different looks using the same light set-up.

Graphic portrait in blue

One Comment

  1. shaunkellett

    Great images, you really can’t tell you’ve used the same lighting here and they both carry a very unique tone. I agree the use of some blue makeup may have been a cool addition, but it’s one of those lessons in hindsight, still great images!

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