Boats and Bays on the Coast of Maine

Camden from the top of Mount Battie
Camden from the top of Mount Battie

A few weeks ago Mary and I spent 8 days photographing Fall color from Camden to Acadia.  Besides great trees, lakes, and lighthouses, there were numerous large and small bays.  Here are some of our favorite photos:

Camden Bay sunrise
Camden Bay sunrise

Boats – Big and Small

1610_psa_maine_370-edit-edit-edit 1610_mfa_maine_665 1610_mfa_maine-ir_061

We did much of our shooting during the day with overcast skies.  A monotone treatment worked really well, here.

Color Blocking

There were plenty of chances to create subtle abstracts with all of the boat colors.

1610_psa_maine_045-edit 1610_mfa_maine_054 1610_mfa_maine_018

The tools used for fishing also made for nice stills.

There are thousands and thousands of these trap floats everywhere.


Finally, look for abstracts in the water.  See Mary’s longer post about making these photos.


Here is last week’s post on Maine Lighthouses.  More from Maine next week.

To see more of (any buy) our photos, please go to



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