Creativity unleashed, texturizing images


If you have been following this blog for awhile, you’ll know that I am a big fan of adding texture to my images.  Its a time-consuming, and at times frustrating, process as I work through hundreds of textures, different blending options, changes in opacity to try to come up with just the right formula to give me the “feel” of the place.

When I went to the UK for work, I took my camera…..because I always do.  I didn’t plan on spending hours processing and working with the images I made.  There were just snapshots after all.  But as I was working through them I kept seeing possibility, maybe because the place was new to me, or it had that special old-world feel I don’t see in Los Angeles.

My journey in texturizing images has led me in a circle back to the place I began, using Flypaper Textures.  I’ve tried different texture providers, tried making my own, and tried a new plug in that was supposed to make it easy, but felt restrictive.  I included the “Before” images so you can see the transformation.  Each image has a change in the color profile, and 4 layers of different textures.


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