Photographing Slot Canyons in Page, AZ


The Antelope slot canyons are on every photographer’s bucket list.  Whether you are a serious photographer,or a hiker, or nature lover, they should be on your bucket list too.  Here is what you might see:


There are plenty of informational websites and several tour companies that will take you into the Upper Antelope Canyon.  The upper is deeper and has the iconic light beams.  We were there a few years back and it is a incredible experience – both stressful because of the crowds, but also like nothing you can see any where else.


On our recent trip to Arizona, we spent a few hours in the lower Antelope slot canyon and Canyon X, as well as a few washes in and around Page.


First, book your tour reservation well in advance and try to book a “photography” tour.  It will be more expensive, but will have less people and you will be able to bring a tripod.  At Canyon X, we had the whole canyon to the four of us with a guide for two hours.  Expensive, but worth it.


Some parts of Canyon X were pitch black and it was hard to compose and focus.  The key is to pre-focus and visualize the photo you want.  A little trial and error also works.  It’s red inside the canyons, but you can get the orange and purple colors by adjusting the shutter speed and letting in more or less light.



Antelope canyons are the main attraction in town, but there are several other canyons and washes.  Make sure to do the research so that you get the right trail passes as most of these are on Navajo tribal land.

Water Holes Canyon Wash
Buckskin Canyon
Lower Buckskin Canyon

These canyons are so unique that they never get “old.”  They can be visited many times in different seasons and weather conditions with out tiring.  I will warn all of you that Page has become very popular with US and international travelers.  There is a building boom of hotels in Page and we found it crowded.  April and May are the most popular months, but our guide told us that they are now busy all year long and there really is no off season anymore.

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