Photography Project: The postcard look

Waimea Canyon and the Waipoo Waterfall on Kaui
Waimea Canyon and the Waipoo Waterfall on Kaui

I have this weird thing about postcards…..I love them.  My friend Renee taught me a long time ago to look at postcards when you are traveling.  For me personally, I love adding the vintage feel.

To create these looks, I typically use more than one software plug-in.  I find the most border options in OnOne’s Perfect Effects plug-in.  I typically go to Nik’s ColorEffects Pro, or Topaz Adjust to get just the right vintage feel.  I am addicted to Lightroom presets, sometimes all it takes is a vintage preset, and OnOne to get the look I want.

For this picture, I used an iphone photo and added a border.  I’m surprised how often my iphone photos make it into my final cut of keepers.

Tropical Paradise on Kauai
Tropical Paradise on Kauai


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