The Lone Cypress and 17 Mile Drive

Lone Cypress sunet
Lone Cypress sunset

When you are in the Monterey peninsula, you have to do the 17 mile drive (which is not 17 miles long) and you do not even need to do the whole thing.  Here is the hint, do it backwards between the Pebble Beach market and Spanish Bay.  Turn around and see the best part again going the other way.  Here is what you might see:


The Lone Cypress actually faces south so it is hard to get the sunset and the tree.  However, the night we were there it had a great golden glow.  Mid-day as we were scouting sunset locations, we did stop again at the Lone Cypress to get a few infrared images.


The best spot to make your photo is on the viewing platform below the road on the far right-hand side.  By the way, if you think your photo of the Lone Cypress is worth anything, think again.  The Pebble Beach Co. will come after you.  So, I can give you a copy of one of these photos, but I can not sell you one.

1509_PSA_Pebble Beach_536

Pescadero Point and the beaches along Spanish Bay do face more west and you can see the sunset better.  We watched the sun go down in a overcast stormy sky.  Everyone left, and then this happened about 15 minutes later.

1509_PSA_Pebble Beach_448

This is from the Ghost Tree turnout.

1509_PSA_Pebble Beach_470

Finally, we love the beach near China Rock.

1509_MFA_Pebble Beach_283 1509_PSA_Pebble_infrared_558-Edit

There is a lot more to see, but not the best photo subjects (in my opinion).

To see (any buy) more of photos, please go to


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