Photographing Sunrise Point in Mt. Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier is in there somewhere

Mary and I just got back from a Jack Graham and Bill Fortney workshop in Mount Rainier National Park.  Our longest day was a 50 mile drive from the Paradise Inn to the Sunrise Visitors Center for a (ironically) sunset shoot.  Here is what we saw.

We made a few stops along the way, but the climax was trying to get a good photo at Sunrise Point as Mount Rainier was shrouded in clouds all day.  We definitely made lemonade on this day.

Our crew at Sunrise Point
Our crew at Sunrise Point
1508_PSA_Rainer Sony_151-Edit

We had the beginnings of the storm that was to come that night, but the mountain never revealed herself.  Remember for mid-day shooting and harsh light, think monotone (black and white).  Mary and I both carry infrared cameras that are perfect for these types of conditions.

1508_PSA_Rainer IR_0107-Edit
This lenticular cloud came and went and came and went on top of Rainier
1508_PSA_Rainer IR_0111

As the sun finally started setting, we started to focus away from Mount Rainier and out toward the east with a rising moon.

1508_PSA_Rainer IR_0116-Edit
1508_PSA_Rainer IR_0125-Edit

Next week, more from Mount Rainier.

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