Photographing Christine Falls in Mt. Rainier National Park


Mary and I just got back from a Jack Graham and Bill Fortney workshop in Mount Rainier National Park.  My favorite subject from the entire workshop was the Christine Falls.  The “classic” photo is the one under the bridge, but there are also two other upper sections.  Here is what you might see.

Christine Falls is right on Paradise Road about half way between Paradise and Longmire.  There is good parking, but this is also one of the most popular spots in the whole park and can be crowded.

There is way too much happening here and we have some distracting logs in our beautiful scene. Getting tighter is probably the better option.
Here is the viewing platform which is just a few steps from the road
Here is the viewing area which is just a few steps from the road
Mary making a photo
Mary making a photo
My favorite composition
My favorite composition

Here are the upper falls just off of the road.

Mary making a photo the hard way
Mary making a photo the hard way

Finally, if you take the trail leading to Comet Falls, you will cross a bridge right over the very top of these falls.

1508_PSA_Rainer IR_0021
1508_PSA_Rainer IR_0017

Next week, more from Mount Rainier.

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