Photography Project: Abstracts with Fiber Optic Light

Circle and Line Abstract

This project belongs in the category of:  looks easier than it is.  I saw it in a magazine, and am not one to pass up a new take on abstracts.  So I ordered a cheap fiber optic light through Amazon, watched as Peter unpacked it, and to my amazement he said nothing.  I guess nothing I do surprises him much anymore.


  • Macro Lens
  • Tripod
  • Fiber Optic Light with Multiple Colors
  • White background – I used foam core
  • Dark room with no other lights on

Fiber optic light


First try setting the light on the ground and shooting down from above.  Start with your aperture at F8, and change the focus to make different points of light sharp.  I was unable to get some points sharp, and others soft; try to shoot through points and get the ones in the back sharp.

Circle and Line Abstract

Now move the light to a table or counter and place a dark background behind it.  Focus on shapes and the movement of lines through the frame.  I found it easier to de-focus the image to get the abstract shapes I was looking for.

Circle and Line Abstract Circle and Line Abstract


For most of these images I used Topaz Restyle.  I tended to go with more monochrome palettes to emphasize the modern feel of the images.  Review your photos carefully for sensor dust, with all of the “open” spaces it becomes more obvious.

Circle and Line Abstract Circle and Line Abstract


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