A cold, wet, dreary morning in Olympic: perfect conditions for photography

When photographing waves, they look better when the water is going out

Before photography, I longed for warm sunny days.  Now, I look forward to rain, fog, clouds and dreariness in general, when it comes to weather.  Well, we certainly got what we wanted when we went to the beach in Olympic.  Here’s what we saw.

Jack Graham on XXX beach
Jack Graham on Fourth beach – remember to ask your models to wear red, orange, and yellow

It wasn’t quite raining, but it was definitely sprinkling and we kept covers on our heads and cameras.  It was quite dark still with fog and the low cloud cover.  It was low tide and it was easy to get a slow shutter speed to create the dreamy foggy water.


The subjects, light, and weather called out for monotone processing.

Mary and her trees
Mary and her tree stumps

The sand was not black, per se, but was quite dark.  In processing these in Nik’s SIlverEffects Pro, we set the black and white points which created really nice contrast between the black sand and white water.

To see (and buy) more of our photos, please go to www.pamphotography.com.


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