Photographing Barns in Vermont


After photographing the Jenne Farm, Mary and I were off to Cloudland road to find more barns and fall color.  Over the next few days we saw quite a few barns and “sugar shacks.”  Here are some of our favorites.

We drove the Cloudland road and Pomfret road loop in the morning and the afternoon south to north and north to south between Woodstock and Pomfret.


Again, we recommend you get off of the main roads and highways and find these small compacted dirt roads that run along streams, brooks, pounds, and fields.  Obviously, shooting in the early morning and late afternoon presents the best light.  We also had a few overcast days which really allowed for good flat light all day.


We used David Middleton’s, The Photographer’s Guide to Vermont and two Photograph America newsletters from Bob Hitchman. We also bought a Delorme Atlas.  You can not imagine how valuable this large paper atlas was.  Most of the places we went to did not have cell service and the dirt roads are confusing and not obviously signed.  I think we are all spoiled with GPS and cell phones now and under appreciate a good road map.  If you really want to go to Vermont, this atlas is a must.

1410_PSA_Vermont IR_511-Edit

Here is our first Vermont blog and here is our blog about the Jenne Farm.

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Next week, ponds, lakes,and reflections.

To see (and buy) more of our photographs,please go to


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