Photography and Color: Does it really make a difference?


I think we all know the answer is “yes”, but do we really realize how much?  I mean, is there really a color you can’t stand?  (maybe brown for me), but most colors are attractive, so maybe the question is, which ones draw you in more and why.

Look at the cover photo of this post, what attracted you to it? (I’m assuming you were attracted because you looked at the post in the first place).  Now look at the original image below (I’m sure Peter will have a few choice words about the creative license I took – in fact when I showed him he said “abomination”).  The green is pretty, but is it as much of a magnet as the orange?

I don’t think you can look at color in isolation—its like nutrition.  Color is contingent on related factors: the subject, other colors that are present, recognition (do fall colors evoke a different emotional response, than summer colors?), the strength and vibrancy of the color, etc.

I think my next set of project adventures will be to explore my own personal responses to color, understand them better, and become more intentional about why I am attracted to something and how to capture it better.

Original Image
Original Image

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