Photographing Sunsets


A colorful sunset never fails to take my breath away (and to stop me from talking for a few minutes).  You hear the adage, the best camera, is the one you have with you.  Ever since getting my Fuji, it is always in my bag.  I was at a work event, and was able to take a few snaps, before everyone gave up on the “new girl” as having a hopeless case of the shutter bug.

At first I was disappointed because I forgot to switch lenses to the ever versitle 18-55, so I was stuck using a fixed length of 35 mm.  A good exercise with making do and working outside your comfort zone.  I had Peter’s new gadget with me “the ball pod” (a strange looking think that attracts dirt- so if you buy one get black).  Unfortunately, it would have been too obvious in front of my colleagues that they didn’t have my full undivided attention.

I made due hand-holding at ISO 2000/ f 5.6……I only regret not taking a few breaths to take in what was unfolding before me before going back to work.1409_MFA_Laguna_017


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