Photography Project: Creating Square Mosiacs

Mono Mosiac 2

Its been awhile since I’ve had “project playtime”.  Much to Peter’s delight, this week’s project did not involve water, oil, sharp objects, or objects being dropped from high places.  I decided to try one of Digital Photo’s Photoshop projects using an image I took in Amsterdam, and an image from Virginia.

Like many of these projects, this one took some trial and error to get something workable.  What I learned:

  • You need an image with a strong and interesting subject.
  • The image had to have enough contrast to “survive” the heavily textured squares.  Subtle images did not work here.
  • Photoshop still does not have an easy way to quickly align and center multiple objects – or at least I haven’t found one yet.
  • It is easy to get carried away with color.  I worked (and worked, and worked) on the toned mosaic, but still couldn’t get the colors right.

I like the effect though, and will keep this one in my collage collection.

Color Bike Mosiac Trees


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