Photography Project: Creative Abstracts from Flower Close-ups


This week I did an exercise from David du Chemin’s Visual Imagery book.  The exercise was to buy a bouquet of flowers and create abstracts focused on line and color.  In this post I highlight how color can shift the entire nature of an image and abstract it to the point where the subject is unrecognizable.  Anyone want to take a guess what the cover image on this post is?

So true confessions.  I have a huge aversion to 1970’s color palettes.  Maybe that was the era to which I contribute my greatest awkwardness (but the 80’s hair comes in a close second)……or just too many episodes of the Brady Bunch.  At any rate, I love sunflowers, but am not crazy about the yellow and green renderings when I create abstracts.  I often work to change the color scheme.  The images below are the before and after images of macro shots taken with the Canon 65mm of sunflower stems and their petals.  I love this lens when I am creatively stuck and have time to experiment.  I processed them using Topaz Restyle and Alien Skin Snap Art 4.

Next week, I will post other images from this exercise that more closely align to the true nature of the assignment.

Sunflower 1 - Original
Sunflower 1 – Original
Sunflower 1 - Creative interpretation
Sunflower 1 – Creative interpretation
Sunflower 2 - original
Sunflower 2 – original
Sunflower 2 - creative interpretation
Sunflower 2 – creative interpretation



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