Photography Project: Collage from one type of subject

Wheel Collage MFA

If you’ve been following us for awhile then you know I’m a sucker for collages.  When Peter and I were in the Palouse, we spent the morning at the Dahmen barn where the owner’s life project was welding thousands of wheels together to create a fence around the property.  I could have spent days there.

While there, I played with close-up and abstracts, there were so many details to isolate.  When it came time to edit my images, I felt that they may not be strong enough to stand on there own, but they would make an interesting collage.  In the future I will take this project one step further, and pick just one subject, take 20 frames, and then put them together.  I have seen this challenge often in photography technique books and collages seem like a great way to synthesize the results and put them together.


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