A Photography Weekend on Coronado Island (San Diego), CA

Night reflection of downtown San Diego from Coronado Island
Night reflection of downtown San Diego from Coronado Island

Mary and I spent a long weekend on Coronado Island in February.  We stayed at the Marriott which is right on the bay where there is a fun and easy walk to the Ferry Landing.  We made a trip to the Midway Aircraft Carrier museum and to Balboa Park.  With the Hotel del Coronado just down the street there is plenty see and do:

Walking along the boardwalk near the Ferry Landing has an infinite number of subjects and compositions.  Seeing sailboats and other ships was pretty fun for Mary’s father.

Walk along the bay
Walk along the bay
The Result
The Result
1402_PSA_San Diego_117-Edit
1402_MFA_San Diego_267

We had a great dinner at the Hotel del Coronado.

Hotel del sunset
Hotel del Coronado sunset
1402_PSA_San Diego_113-Edit

We had a terrific time walking through the Balboa Park Cactus Garden

1402_MFA_San Diego_126
1402_PSA_San Diego_075-Edit
1402_PSA_San Diego_079-Edit
1402_PSA_San Diego_083-Edit

Finally, we visited the historic aircraft carrier, Midway.

1402_MFA_San Diego_337
1402_MFA_San Diego_347
1402_MFA_San Diego_365

There is a lot to do and photograph in downtown San Diego.  Here are a few of our other blogs about San Diego – San Diego SkylineSan Diego, San Diego Zoo Safari Park, and the Mission in Oceanside.

Go to www.pamphotography.com to see (and buy) more of our photos.


  1. Loretta S

    Hi folks, your hotel sunset view looks like a scene from the Greek islands. Never considered shooting cactus in b/w, interesting.

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