Photography Project: High-key Flowers


My wildflower patch now has many pretty blooms.  But as luck would have it, the breeze has not settled down in two weeks, and the sun has been blazing.  So I took matters into my own hands and moved the operation indoors (again).

While it pained my to snip such beautiful and vibrant flowers, I selected a variety of colors and sizes and brought them indoors.  I am not sure what these flowers are, but their stems oozed a yellow sap which made me very itchy.  I hope I am not covered with a rash when I show up for work on Monday.

I used the same technique that I blogged about last year. I pulled out my trusty light-pad, got my $7 gooseneck desk lamp, put a macro lens on my camera and set up my tripod. I spent quite a bit of time, trying to get the arrangement right within the frame.  I decided to buy some books on flower arranging.  I think it will really help in projects like this.   To get the specifics check out my post:  Photography Project 52:  Week 38 – Photographing Flowers Using High-Key.



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