Photography Project: Exploring different points of view


Ok, this project was one of those where I just couldn’t stop – I was having too much fun.  The project was to take 8 frames of “lines” from different points of view.  I decided there weren’t any interesting landscape lines in the vicinity (I, like many people, feel like I live in the most boring place in the world).  So I dusted off my trusty nautilus shell, and was off to the races.

The last time I photographed this shell, I took the usual route and focused on the center spiral – straight on.  This time I challenged myself to take different perspectives:

  • eye level while it was sitting on the counter
  • propping it up several inches above the camera and shooting up
  • Straight on with different variations of where I place the spiral

I also played with aperture trying to blur some aspects, and leave others in focus to accentuate the lines.  All the processing was done in Lightroom.

After about 50 frames, I decided to stop….I would have spent all day with this lonely shell.

Update to iphone photo of the day project:  I have received feedback that some people are not that excited about Instagram.  So I will also be posting my photo of the day on our PAM Photography Facebook page (you know you’re in the right place when you see the picture of me and Peter with our cameras). I’ve decided not to post it to our blog, because we’d like to focus the blog on more content rich topics (and we don’t want to annoy our followers with daily posts).

1401_MFA_Lines_041 1401_MFA_Lines_038 1401_MFA_Lines_034 1401_MFA_Lines_028 1401_MFA_Lines_024 1401_MFA_Lines_012 1401_MFA_Lines_002

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