Photography Project: Black and White or Color?


This week’s Visual Toolkit project centered on the importance and draw of color, and how to see things differently when the color is removed.  I love black and white photography, and my infrared camera has become an important part of my creative tool set, so I wasn’t expecting any “ah-ha’s” this week…….I was wrong.

The project was about taking some of your existing photos and converting them to black and white.  I picked three photos where I thought color was in integral part to why I really liked the image.  I picked an assortment:  landscape, portrait, and abstract.






  • Variety in tone and texture are important to the success of a black and white image – for me.  Many famous photographers like the low contrast look, I prefer something more punchy.
  • Not all black and white conversions are created equal.  My initial approach was to do a simple conversion in Lightroom.  I quickly realized I could not achieve the effects I was looking for and switched to Silver Effects Pro 2 from Nik
  • Assumptions aren’t always correct.  To be honest I really didn’t think I would like these three photos in black and white.  I’m not crazy about the landscape, and prefer the color.  But I really like the abstract (which I thought I would hate), and the portrait.

On a different note:  A few years ago when I got my first iphone, I immediately started a Project 365 – one iphone photo a day for a year.  Looking back on that experience I realized how much my “eyes were opened” to seeing things differently, and creative post-processing techniques.  With my new Olliclip lenses in hand, I have decided to give it another go, and started January 1st..  If you’re interested in seeing what I come up with you can follow me on Instagram (Username:  maryfandrade). Who knows maybe I’ll even start seeing “in squares” now that I will be posting in a square format.

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