Photography Project: Creating Abstracts using Photoshop


I have about 10 projects that are mid-stream but not completed, so this week I’m calling myself out so you don’t have too – I’m phoning it in.  The abstract above started with paint on the wall of a building (another instance of when Peter has walked up behind me and asks, “what on earth are you taking a picture of?”).  At some point, he should stop asking me that……

I brought this image into Photoshop and first applied the Pinch filter a few times – I just kept repeating the command until it was “pinched” enough.  Then I applied the Distort filter (noting the number of degrees I distorted the image), and then applied the Distort filter again – but in the opposite direction for same number of degrees.  Once I was happy with the result, I modified the Hue through the Hue Saturation layer to add more color (the original image had muted browns.)

Visual Toolkit Project Update:  Week 6

This week was about isolating subjects using a wide-angle lens (instead of a telephoto).  This meant getting very close.  I decided to try out my new iphone lenses (Olloclip) and get reacquainted with the creativity available through the apps.  To be honest, I am buried at work, and in my photography work, so I have not been allowing myself to go out and play much until I get caught up.  Here are the pics from this week – not my strongest showing.

1311_MFA_iphone 5s_091 1311_MFA_iphone 5s_092 1311_MFA_iphone 5s_095

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