Photographing Chicago’s Bean

1308_MFA_San Francisco_388

A friend of mine took me to the Bean on a quick detour before dinner.  I had seen many pictures of it before…….an amazing large, silver sculpture with not a soul in sight.  I was not prepared for the chaos of humanity that awaited.I’ve always been fascinated with reflections and how they reshape and distort realty.  After seeing hundreds of people drawn to the Bean and their reflection in this large silver object I began to realize it is a common human attraction.  People weren’t reflecting on the sculpture, but rather looking at their own reflections.  In the age of “selfies”, here there were amazing opportunities for all kinds of selfies.  I spent at least 30 minutes there, and I suspect some people whittled away the entire afternoon taking pictures of themselves and others.  I think it would be unreasonable to expect no one to be there…..but what I do wish is that not everyone touch it.  After all, fingerprints create smudges which detract from this amazing surface.  But I guess I’m just being crotchety.  Here are my pictures, I know I will go back there someday.  Maybe in the middle of the night when there are a few less people around…..armed with a bottle of Windex and a towel.

1308_MFA_San Francisco_382-Edit 1308_MFA_San Francisco_377 1308_MFA_San Francisco_376 1308_MFA_San Francisco_375


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