Photography Project: Creating Abstract Art from photographs



When we go out shooting, Peter often stands there scratching his head wondering what on earth I am taking a picture of, and why. I am constantly on the lookout for “source material” that will let me create colorful abstracts.

I usually take more source material and do these things:

  • Bend, pinch, twirl, or otherwise manipulate the shapes
  • Change the color scheme
  • Add texture

Here are two from this week

1307_MFA_Lompoc_001-Edit 1307_MFA_Lompoc_002-Edit


  1. Loretta S

    Lovely. Look like abstract views of the slot canyons. Can’t imagine what they were original. Do you have an art background, training?
    By the way, could use your suggestions–visiting Santa Fe soon…any “don’t miss” photo spots, neighborhoods, etc you would suggest?

  2. pamphotography

    Hi Loretta – thank you for the feedback. We have not been able to photograph Santa Fe but it is on our list! There is a great book called photographing Colorado and New Mexico by Laurent martes (I think) I would recommend checking it out. Also there is a photography school based there – Santa Fe photography workshops. They might be able to point you to some spots or resources.

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