Breaking a common photography rule: when to convert to black and white


I confess, I’ve written it here on this very blog……if color is not a compelling component of your image then you should consider converting to black and white. Well…….I managed to prove myself wrong. Can you really tell yourself “you know nothing (John Snow)”.

Peter and I were photographing some flower fields and happened upon this picturesque sunflower… eye level! (a bonus after you’ve spent the morning stooped over and sitting in the dirt).  When I first started processing….it was all about accentuating the complementary colors of yellow and green.   Then I made a mistake, and hit the wrong button……..and ……wow.   Never in my wildest imagination would I have considered turning a yellow sunflower to black and white – its sacrilegious to do that to such a colorful subject. Sometimes breaking the rules works.  In this case, success is due to the variation in tonality – the yellow is much brighter then the green; as well as the variation of texture in the flower.


I think I need to start breaking more rules……more often.


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