Photography Project: Photographing from the airplane


I’m typically an “aisle” person, easier access to the bathroom, and one of the first to stand up at the end of the long flight when that seat belt sign goes off. But lately I find myself intrigued with the window seat. I love the lines and geometric patterns I see out of the window. With my camera in my lap, I find I am “seeing” more on flights, than just the tray table in front of me.

I don’t think you’ll get many treasures by photographing out of the airplane window, but you’ll have fun playing…..and the hours will go by quicker. Here are my tips:

  • Get a seat in front, or behind the wing, but not over it – it will obstruct your view. Unless of course you are flying at sunrise, then it’s cool to get the sun star over the wing.
  • Clean the window. Ok, so people who watch you do this will think you are a neat freak or an extreme germophobe….but if your luck is like mine, you will have a window full of fingerprints from small hands (and the occasional nose).
  • Use a zoom. I find I will zoom all the way out to get the right slice of landscape in my frame.
  • Don’t place the camera lens against the window. You might see recommendations to do this – but the plane vibrates, and so will your camera.
  • Use your polarizer. This will help cut the glare from the window.
  • Look for abstract line patterns and geometric shapes.
  • Use creative processing. I think I went to all of my creative tools for this project….it was fun to experiment and see what direction I wanted to go (which usually led me to a completely different tool).

So here they are, this week’s images:

1209_MFA_mini_circle_587-Edit 1209_MFA_mini_circle_580-Edit 1209_MFA_mini_circle_579-Edit

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