Photography Project 52: Week 50- Photographing Negative Space


I’m not one to admit defeat easily….so I thought I would try again, what I consider the most “painful project” this year, photographing the negative space.  I define it as the space that makes the image….without it, the photograph would be boring and un-interesting.  Well, after struggling all week, I have three photos to share.  Definitely not much, but at least I get an A for effort.

In this first image, I photographed three rocks.  But it’s really the reflected colors in between the rocks that makes the image.  Without it, it would be a really boring image of three rocks in a pond.


In this second image, I photographed a fern with my infrared camera.  Without the negative space in between the fronds, I’m not sure the shape of the fronds would still be that interesting.


In this last image, I chose to photograph just one side of a tulip flower.  I think the colors, and the hint of another tulip in the background really make this image.  Just the side of a tulip against a solid color negative space would be boring.


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