Photography Project 52 – Week 46: Creating a poster using tri-color toning

1103_MFA_Huntington Gardens_501-Edit

This week I decided to take a break from photography (actually I did plenty this week, but Peter wants to write a blog about what we did, so I couldn’t post here, or it might cause marital dis-harmony).  So I opted to focus on a new post-processing technique.  As usual, I found once I learned the basic technique, I liked my own variations on the theme best.

I saw this technique in Digital Photo.  You take an image, create three identical layers, colorize each layer, and then move them so they are offset from each other.  The most complicated part came, in removing distracting parts of each layer.  I need to go back and review the video – because I did not do well with that step….at all.

I started to experiment with different tones for the tri-color, and melding the tones more closely as in the abstract flower photo below.  I also used a few different types of subject matter.  I think when I photograph neon signs that I will keep this technique in mind…..this was my favorite subject matter for this project.

1301_MFA_Art Flowers_112-Edit 1209_MFA_mini_circle_369-Edit 1208_MFA_Portraits_0508-Edit-Edit 1204_MFA_Abstract_109-Edit

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