Photography Project 52: Week 42 – Photographing abstracts using kitchen items


While Peter was watching the Superbowl…..I decided to tear the kitchen apart.  This week’s project was to create abstracts from everyday kitchen objects.  I became so enamored with my cheese grater, it ruined all other objects that came after….they just weren’t as exciting (who would have thought?).

I decided to spice things up a bit in few ways:

  • Using colorful wrapping paper to reflect designs or color into metal objects.
  • I de-focused some of objects that had  a lot of patterns and specular highlights.
  • I used the creative Lightroom Presets by Stuck in Customs in my post-processing
  • I used a new filter, FilterForge, to create unique patterns and abstracts.

With my trusty macro lens, and new table top tripod from Kirk Enterpises (which made things so incredibly easy….). I was set to go.

I didn’t realize how grungy some of my kitchen stuff is, until viewing it in in post, and then having to figure out if I was really going to clean all those water spots up (the answer was no).  I decided to run some of the images below through my new plug-in FilterForge.  With this filter you have access to almost 10,000 filters (and no, that is not a typo).  Two hours later, I had to finally stop…….I could go nuts playing with this thing.  Once I get a handle on it, I’ll write a post with some tips and techniques.

Here are my images from this week, along with the creative abstracts using FilterForge.  The first three images below are variations on the fourth image – the close up of the cheese grater.

1302_MFA_Kitchen_046-Edit-3 1302_MFA_Kitchen_046-Edit-2 1302_MFA_Kitchen_046-Edit 1302_MFA_Kitchen_046 1302_MFA_Kitchen_045 1302_MFA_Kitchen_042 1302_MFA_Kitchen_038 1302_MFA_Kitchen_035 1302_MFA_Kitchen_033 1302_MFA_Kitchen_029 1302_MFA_Kitchen_025 1302_MFA_Kitchen_024-Edit 1302_MFA_Kitchen_024 1302_MFA_Kitchen_013 1302_MFA_Kitchen_012 1302_MFA_Kitchen_008 1302_MFA_Kitchen_005 1302_MFA_Kitchen_004


  1. Loretta from Long Island, NY

    I’ll never look at my grater in the same way again. Thanks for inspiring me to look beyond the obvious. Especially in this cold winter, when I loath to venture outside to shoot, I need to expand my mind to find new “horizons” to explore.

  2. pamphotography

    Hi – all the images were taken with natural light. Because of the reflective surfaces, I made sure no interior lights were on to avoid hot spots. I’m glad you liked the ideas…..let me know how it goes….

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