Mary’s 10 “favorite” photos from 2012


Full disclaimer – I do this begrudgingly, and only because Peter put me on the spot last week.  I try to tell myself, this is a valuable exercise in figuring out what really worked for me last year……but its really hard to choose between my babies.

Interestingly enough this year, I found it difficult to pinpoint the standouts.  I had so much variety in 2012 in terms of where we went, and because of Project 52.  It wasn’t just comparing landscape images, but also abstracts, still life, etc.  And I admit, some of my favorite images were from the Neon Museum in Las Vegas – but I couldn’t select them because they specifically asked me to remove their images from our blog.

So with much trepidation, here they are in no particular order.

Arch at Pfieffer beach state park – it’s rare that I have the patience to stand in one spot and actually push the shutter at the right time.

1212_MFA_Big Sur_058-Edit

I’ve always wanted to capture the Las Vegas strip – but in a unique way.  Our special location (which afforded wine consumption and photography at the same time), as well as my infrared camera allowed me to finally do it.

1211_MFA_Las Vegas_275-Edit

These were ceiling lights reflected in a mirror at a Japanese restaurant – with a twist.  I photographed them through a children’s kaleidoscopic.


This was one of my favorite projects from Project 52.  Every time I look at this image, I laugh.


I was disappointed when we arrived that we wouldn’t be able to get the glow of the sun shining on the ruins.  So I pulled out my infrared.  It was one of those moments, when I looked through the viewfinder and started to get really excited.


I can’t have a top 10 without 1 (or maybe 2) abstracts……


This is a rare image for me – I’m typically not a big landscape person.  But Peter’s enthusiasm for rustic fences must have rubbed off on me.


Taken at high noon with my color infrared – I have to admit, I love getting a great image when I don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn.


This was the project that made me fall in love with old clocks.  I actually got into a bidding war over an identical clock.   I lost.  So game on – I hawked eBay until another one appeared…..and I was determined to win.


I sold this image to a friend who has amazing design sensibilities.  Because he bought it, I felt especially honored.  This is an abstract of river reeds.

1202_MFA_New Mexico_632-EditWell, I’m glad I’m done with this….at least for another 12 months.  It’s almost as bad as getting a yearly physical.


  1. Jesus Sousa

    Nice Collection from Mary, I find it very tough to try to attempt this myself, sure glad you took the time to share them. A very nice job, can’t wait to see what you have in store for 2013.


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