Photography Project 52: Week 39 – Photographing Stupid Signs

Ok, I’ll call it so you won’t have to call me out….this week I am phoning it in. I was so busy this weekend cleaning up 2012 image folders, backing up, updating websites (you get the picture), I didn’t have much time for my project. One thing I like to do when I travel is photograph what I affectionately call “stupid signs”…only I don’t usually save them, and now I wish I had.

For whatever reason when I travel, I always find silly signs…..maybe I’m lighter because I am exploring new places, or that tourist spots feel it necessary to prevent people from doing dumb things. I used Snapseed on these images; I love how the grunge filter adds interest and mood. After this project, I think I will continue to save the ones I find.

If you have some stupid signs – I’d love for you to share…..I bet we can all use more levity in our day.

1212_MFA_Big Sur_340 1212_MFA_Big Sur_300-Edit 1212_MFA_Big Sur_277_Snapseed

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