Photography Project 52: Week 18 – Seeing your everyday surroundings differently

Behind the throne

This week the challenge was to see things I look at every day – differently.  So I locked myself in the bathroom for 20 minutes and took a few frames.  Trying to expand beyond the typical product looking shots is hard – I mean really, how do you look at a toilet creatively?

After about 10 minutes I almost gave up- and then I remembered a photograph that Edward Weston did in the bathroom.  It was an abstract architectural shot of a toilet.  So I contorted myself around the thing and was surprised at the abstract nature along the bottom of the bowl.  This inspired me to tear the bathroom apart and gather like objects, look at textures, and experiment with reflections (and trying not to capture myself in the process).  About half-way through, Peter walked in, quickly determined that I had not only torn apart my areas in the bathroom, but also his…….and walked out without a word.  I really love this man.

So some observations:

  • An ancillary benefit of this project is that you also clean up your drawers and cabinets
  • Try this project after the bathroom as been cleaned
  • Post -processing is critical – it aids to the creative process, and helps you to see your objects differently.  I didn’t realize the back of the mirror looked like a comic face until I started playing with it in post.
  • Hair brushes are like black shoes – yes you need all the different kinds.

I’m proud to report I managed not to injure myself in my own bathroom (that would have really been embarrassing)

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