Project 52: Week 17: Telling a story with pictures

A few months ago, Peter wrote a post about why some people think a photograph “costs too much”.  I decided to try to tell his story in pictures using our recent trip to Colorado.  The short of it is:  the picture above cost us a 4:00 am wake-up call, two planes, two rental cars (because the one we rented couldn’t get us to where we needed to be – so we had to rent a second on for 1/2 day), 4+ hours on the road, a harrowing nail-biting 4 wheel drive road up a remote mountainside, a surprise rain shower, and a fight over “PC time” so I could post-process.

So here it is – our journey started with a 4:00 am to get to the airport by 5:00 am for our 6:00 am flight (it was still dark even during the longest days of summer)

Some things to note…..since photography:

  • We now actually check luggage – being seasoned road warriors it is nothing but carry on bags for us – but on photography trips we have to check
  • We are willing to risk our lives in an old beat up Suburban with 300,000 miles (it’s not an exaggeration – I wish it was-one -and looked like a family of 5 had lived in it for a decade or at least number of petrified half-used ketchup packets would indicate that)…… to take us up a a rough rocky back country “road” to get the shot
  •  We will spend 9+ hours to travel to difficult locations to see amazing things and snap a photo (or 100)
  • I will come face-to-face with my own fears – no flush toilets available for many, many miles.
  • We will endure crowds, ATV’s, obnoxious people (and yes – even become one of them) in the spirit of capturing an image.

Even though we faced obstacles, annoyances, hours upon hours traveling- we had an amazing time.  There is nothing like experiencing a new place, taking a breath, and then seeing it through your viewfinder.

I’m happy to report, no injuries this week just a few nasty bug bites.

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