Project 52: Week 10 – Photographing everyday objects (Eggs)

This week was all about finding the most common, plain object I had around the house,  and trying to come up with different creative interpretations. That object was a plain white egg.  I used to eat them everyday for breakfast and thought I knew what they looked like…..but it turns out I really didn’t.

Ok, so this week was hard.  It was less about technical challenges, and more about trying to figure out how to execute the images I had in my head.  I made a punch list with several ideas, but only ended up trying a few of them.  It is now proven – I have a disconnect between my imagination and my “handyman” abilities.  For example, I had a whole scene in my head which involved a fake brick wall, an egg with a crying expression, and a splattered egg below.  That’s when I really realized how limited I was in my ability construct things with physical objects.

Technical challenges I faced:

  • Photographing a white object so that it had some dimension, but the highlights were not blown out
  • Getting a true white – I found when I used lights I tended to get a warmer yellow color.  I preferred true white
  • Macro focusing when there wasn’t color or a variation in color

The things I learned this week:

  • The shape of eggs in the shell resembles the human head.
  • Shooting white on white is really hard
  • Standing an egg upright using something you can’t see requires an engineering degree
  • The patterns of broken egg shells are interesting up close and abstracted.
  • It’s a lot harder to build an architectural structure with slippery egg whites than I thought
  • There are pages of google images that illustrate expressive cartoon eyes (I mean who knew!)
  • I actually had to reassure Peter I would not be cooking or using any of the eggs I photographed in future meals.

So here are my best images

Injury Index:  While I did burn my hand on the teapot while fueling up for another photography session with the eggs I don’t think it really counts.  So this week it’s a dead heat 5:5.

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