Project 52: Week 7 – Camera and lens movement

Wow- what a great project.  I may have phoned it in last week, but I feel I made up for it this week.  Usually, I would only move my camera in one direction to make abstracts – up and down.  This week I discovered a whole new world of camera movement.

I took my camera everywhere – on the road, through airports, to the gardens – and played with both architectural and nature subjects.  I found nature subjects easier to abstract; maybe because its the type of photography I prefer, or they are generally more colorful.  I do admit, I saw the DFW airport in a new light.  I have walked through there hundreds of times and never noticed these beautiful mosaics on the ground in the D terminal.  An airport volunteer gave me a map and told me where to find more information.  I had many favorites from this week’s project, here are a few.  I will write a longer post on the different techniques I used, subjects that seemed to work better for me, and things that didn’t.  In the meantime, enjoy.

Injury index:  5 weeks injured:2 week uninjured.  Wahoo – no injuries this week.


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