Project 52: Week 1 Photographing Reflections in Metal

Colorful Abstract 2

For my first project I choose capturing reflections in metal….with a twist.  I wanted to warp the subject in the metal, similar to a fun-house mirror effect.

I used a chrome ferrotype plate I purchased from B&H Photo.  I’ve never seen one of these before…mine came with quite a few scratches and scuff marks. I’m not sure if this is how they come, or I got a damaged one.  I decided to go with it, see what happened, and clean it up in post if necessary.

The image at the top of this post is….well….I have no earthly idea.  I set the plate on a chair, and as I was walking downstairs I saw these crazy abstract shapes on it.  So I propped myself on a chair to get to the same approximate height as the staircase and took the photo (Peter was watching with a look of dread and concern).  I added color in post, and really liked the effect.

Here are all of my favorite images from the project (you can click on an image, and then view it in slideshow mode to see a larger version).

One thing to note is that the ferrotype plate has really sharp edges.  Peter was kind enough to hold and bend the plate while I took the photo; unfortunately he managed to cut his hand.  So we wore construction gloves, and then I managed to walk into the corner and get a welt and cut on my leg (and I was wearing pants).

I was so excited about this project, that I ordered Silver and Gold Mylar, and will give that a try too.

Week 2 Project:  Patterns in Nature.

I created a Project 52 page on our site that will show a summary of the projects and my favorite photo from each.  Stay tuned.


  1. Four Letter Nerd

    I’m surprised your Project 52 posts are not tagged as such. I can follow the sequence from 1 to 52 by using Google but a tag would make it easier. Now I gotta go shoot something out of focus …

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