Photography Abstracts: Before and After

River Reed - Abstract v3

Peter and I recently took a trip to New Mexico.  Our sole focus was to experience the bird migration at Bosque del Apache.  To Peter’s dismay, I would wonder off and shoot natural landscape abstracts.  My original intention was to create abstracts using birds in flight  – to be honest, I never thought I would find a subject that cooperated less than children and teenagers, I was rudely awakened when I experienced birds.

This week’s mini-mid-week is intended to highlight the creative options that can be explored with seemingly unattractive subjects.  Here is a more realistic capture of the river reeds that kept me captivated for over 30 minutes and 50 shots.(Note – this was an accidental image – it’s really bad.  It’s blurry but not quite an abstract.  It was the closest I could find in my original files to illustrate what the scene really looked liked).

Original River Reeds

I have a ton of images from this scene that I absolutely love – in fact I sold one this week.  By changing the camera movement (I tried vertical, horizontal, and vertical with a twist) and the post-processing treatments, I created an assortment of varied effects that are original and interesting – like the one at the beginning of this post.


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